Pakistan imposed a ban on the import of luxury non-essential items to support the crippled economy. PM Shahbaz on Thursday took on Twitter and announced that a ban will be imposed on luxury items to save foreign exchange reserves.

The Shahbaz statement was later on confirmed by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Mariyum Aurangzeb. She stated that 41 different non-essential luxury items will be banned.

The banned items are Mobile-phones, home appliances, fruits, dry fruits, crockery, private weapons, ammunition, shoes, loudspeakers, sauces, ketchup, doors and window frames, travelling bags, frozen fish, carpets, tissue paper, furniture, shampoos, automobile, confectionery, jams, cornflakes, toiletries, sunglasses, kitchenware, aerated water, frozen meat etc. It is pertinent to mention that no ban is imposed on the mentioned items imported from Afghanistan. Import of energy savers is also exempted from the ban.

According to experts the ban on imports of luxury items will help domestic sectors and domestic industries. It will also help to influence GDP, Exchange Rate and interest rates in a positive direction.

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