Chief Justice of Pakistan Earns Seven Times More Than Prime Minister: PAC

During the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meeting on Tuesday, it was disclosed that the chief justice of Pakistan earns a salary that is seven times higher than that of the prime minister. The information presented to the committee also revealed that the chief justice’s salary is slightly lower than double the salary of the president.

The PAC chairman, Noor Alam Khan, shared the monthly salaries of various high-ranking officials during the meeting.

The president receives a monthly salary of Rs896,550, while the prime minister’s salary is Rs201,574 per month, which is lower than the Rs338,125 paid to a federal minister.

A National Assembly member earns a monthly salary of Rs188,000.

Furthermore, the chief justice’s monthly salary is Rs1.52 million, whereas a Supreme Court judge earns Rs1.47 million per month.

A grade-22 officer receives a monthly salary of Rs591,475.

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