Entomological Society AUP

The Entomological Society of the University of Agriculture Peshawar, Pakistan, was established in 2021 with a clear mission: to foster excellence in the field of entomology and underscore the significance of studying insects to address various challenges faced by the department, ranging from laboratory facilities to research initiatives, workshops, and projects. This visionary society was founded by none other than Mr. Waqar Khan, with Mr. Zain Tanveer serving as its inaugural president. Currently, the society is led by its second president, Ms. Shahana Gull. The society comprises both dedicated educators and enthusiastic students from the Department of Entomology.

Exciting developments are afoot within our university’s Entomological Society, which is currently embarking on an ambitious project to revamp our venerable insect museum. This unique space houses a treasure trove of diverse insect specimens, and the society’s primary objective is to enhance our understanding of insect classification while illuminating their profound ecological significance. The society’s renovation efforts aim to create an enriching experience for students, scientists, and inquisitive minds eager to explore the captivating world of insects.

But the society’s impact extends beyond the museum’s walls. It actively engages in hosting events that not only raise awareness but also tackle crucial issues. In a recent seminar, the society dedicated time and expertise to discuss the pressing concern of dengue, a mosquito-borne disease, seeking to disseminate knowledge and explore solutions to combat this public health threat. Moreover, the society observes special occasions, such as “Honey Bee Day,” a celebration that highlights the vital role of honey bees in our environment and educates individuals on their irreplaceable contributions to pollination. These initiatives showcase the society’s unwavering commitment to addressing health challenges like dengue and recognizing the indispensable role played by creatures like honey bees in sustaining our ecosystem.

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Naqeeb Ullah Shah is an MPhil scholar at the University of Agriculture Peshawar. He studies at the Department of Entomology.

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