Land Disputes In erstwhile FATA

The merged districts of erstwhile FATA, ravaged by terrorism and sectarian violence, now face a new challenge: land disputes. These conflicts have claimed lives in Kurram and Waziristan and threaten to worsen. The administration appears ineffective, attending sessions without achieving results. The people of FATA demand a complete resolution to these disputes and call for an independent land commission. Addressing land disputes is crucial for the stability and future of the region, following the devastating impact of the War Against Terror and the hope for a peaceful existence.

The merged districts, erstwhile FATA has seen the worst terrorism, deprivation, and subjugation in the last decades. They lost their loved ones, homes, and their businesses in Talibanization and military operations while Kurram additionally suffered from sectarianism. The War Against Terror was indeed the worst nightmare for FATA natives but it was considered hope that one day our land will be free from terrorism and we will be able to live normal lives.

Now the next phase is started which is land disputes which is a huge problem of FATA and is yet to be resolved. The disputes have already taken many lives in Kurram and Waziristan and will become more deadly in near future. The administration seems completely clueless and seems like they know nothing. What to do. They do attend certain sessions every day but nothing fruitful happens. Further, the people of FATA want a complete solution to land disputes. For this purpose, an independent land commission is demanded.

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One reply on “Land Disputes In erstwhile FATA”

  • Naqeeb Ullah Shh
    October 11, 2022 at 9:29 pm

    May Almighty Allah protect everyone from terrorism.