PayPal is a US-based digital price gadget that acts as a 3rd party for your international payments and bills among the parties. It has a robust role within the online fund transferring marketplace.
This is true that it has a great place in the digital market. Online transaction is a kind of a must if you are working online and you have international clients. PayPal is important because the freelancing community is dependent on it. But unfortunately, it is not working in Pakistan.

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Some of the reasons for the non-availability of PayPal in Pakistan:

Several motives can explain the hesitation of the fee platform to begin working with inside the country. They consist of regulatory restrictions, cash laundering, fraudulent activities, capital flight, and some others like added the report.

Regulatory restrictions

This can also be one of the reasons that If PayPal will enter Pakistan it will have a long list of regulatory restrictions. A payment service provider will suffer more like having a tree stage approval process as well. This requires a lot of money and because of this, they are not coming.

Money laundering

This is also the reason that PayPal is not in Pakistan. Money laundering has increased and that may be a known fact now. So, that’s why PayPal is not coming to Pakistan.

Non-supportive government

This is a very big reason that the government is not supportive of the digital market or digital payments. This is the main reason for having a no for PayPal.
Above we mentioned some of the reasons why PayPal is not in our country. Hope this will help in understanding the point.

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