The KP government has decided that because of COVID in 2019 the days are not sufficient for the completion of courses. So winter vacations in the summer zone are waived while decreased in the winter zone. The decision may seem good but have devastating effects on mental health. In Pakistan, student stress is 42.66% (Frontiers Public Health) and such decisions will exacerbate the situation.

The students who are day scholars may suffer a little but those living in hostels since summer vacations are thrown into a quagmire of stress. Most of them waiting for vacations and planning to meet their families but all hopes are washed off due to the decision of some officials made in a heating room.

None will die of cold weather but may fall to mental illness—Job Burnout. According to the Mayo Clinic lack of rest and not taking vacations has damaging effects. According to the SHRM Society of Human Resource and Management, vacations reduce stress, cut heart attack risks, improve productivity and help with better sleep.

The students living in hostels have some checkpoints in the year where they can spend time with their families i.e. summer vacations, winter vacations, spring vacations and Eid Holidays. According to Dr. Todd Thatcher living with family increase happiness and satisfaction, lead to a healthier lifestyle and lengthen your life.

KP government has ignored all those factors and considered only one which may not even work. This shows the competency of officials working on education.

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