Shutter-down in Sadda Lower Kurram against Power Cuts

In protest against prolonged power outage, Sadda Bazar traders observe a complete shutter-down strike on the call of the Anjuman-e-Tajiran Sadda. Traders in Sadda Lower Kurram shut their shops as a protest against unending load-shedding.
Traders claim that load-shedding is a problem of the whole country but residents of Sadda do not get power for a single hour. Hundreds of protesters staged a sit-in on the main Thall-Parachinar road and stopped vehicular traffic.


Talking to reporters the president of Anjuman-e-Tajiran stated that they will not call off the strike until and unless they achieve their due rights. President, Irshad Khan further accused Assistant Commissioner Lower Kurram along with three Muharars of victimising traders. He further added that the government should resolve the issue of load-shedding and should transfer Assistant Commissioner and three Muharars from Sadda.

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